I Международный арктический Медиафорум | First International Arctic Media Forum
20-23 октября, 2013 года | October 20-23, 2013
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October 20, 2013, Sunday

Arrival of participants, accommodation

October 21, 2013, Monday

Plenary session in the assembly hall (10.00-11.30)

Section 1. Arctic: development and preservation of natural balance. The point of balance. Successful outreach projects and practices (11.45-13.15)

Section 2. Personnel for the Arctic. Features of training. Demand for specialists. (14.15-15.45)

Section 3. Attraction of the Arctic: how to cover the arctic theme in mass media (16.00-17.30)

October 22, 2013, Tuesday

Section 4. International cooperation in the Arctic (10.00-11.30)

Section 5. Arctic expeditions and extreme tourism (11.45-13.15)

Business and cultural program

  1. Forum-based business communication and effective interaction of Russian and international mass media and experts.
  2. Excursion programs for the forum participants:

A tour to Malye Korely.